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Decree June 1976

The AOC Languedoc - Saint-Saturnin, combines four communes situated about half way between the Mediterranean and the Larzac plateau : Saint-Saturnin de Lucian, Jonquières, Arboras and Saint-Guiraud,

Grape varieties : Red wines

Principal grapes :

  • Grenache N
  • Mourvèdre N
  • Syrah N

Complementary grapes :

  • Carignan N
  • Cinsault N

Blend of grapes :

The wines result from blending grapes, grape must or wines, from at least 3 varieties – at least two  principal ones.
A variety may not represent more than 70% in the blend.
The proportion of principal varieties must be over or equal to 40% of the blend.

Alcohol levels : Grapes for the wines must be picked when well mature and alcohol levels must be over 12%

Yields : The final yields for Saint-Saturnin must not exceed 50 hectolitres per hectare.

When production from young vines can be used : The AOC Languedoc-Saint-Saturnin label can only be granted to young vines  from their 5h year.

Planting density by hectare : The minimim density is  4,400 plants per hectare

Vine pruning : The vines must be hard pruned with a maximum of 10  buds per stem. Each spur may only have 2 buds.

Maturing : The red wines must mature at least until 15 August of the year following the harvest.